After a thirty year wait Sony is again pressing vinyl

News : 29 Jan 2017 : Steve Gervais
After a huge resurgence in popularity and retro-coolness, Sony has decided to being pressing vinyl again for the first time in thirty years. A spike last year meant that vinyl sales were at their highest since 1985, and you can expect that figure to increase as the popularity continues to rise.
One of the key reasons behind the resurgence of popularity in vinyl is down to the decline of CD sales and the increase of online virtual media. What vinyl gives DJs and home users is something physical, something they can hold and collect. The popularity of CDJs in the DJ world is one that will never go away, but the retro vibe of traditional vinyl turntables is one that most old school DJs love to rekindle.

La Crème, resident DJ at the Full Moon Party Koh Phangan, the world’s most popular beach party, said:
“I use CDJs all the time for large festivals and beach parties, but for the Drum and Bass arena at the Full Moon Party I always go back to vinyl. There’s something about it that everyone loves.”
Speaking to Nikkei Asian Review the CEO of Sony Music, Michinori Mizuno, gave vinyl fans reason to be excited:

"Cutting is a delicate process, with the quality of sound affected by the depth and angle of the grooves, and Sony is scrambling to bring in old record engineers to pass on their knowledge."

After already installing the necessary processing equipment in their Tokyo factory, Sony is intending to print the first batch of records in the spring of 2018.
by Steve Gervais
29 Jan 2017