Alan Walker's Faded reaches milestone number of views on Youtube

News : 30 Mar 2017 : Steve Gervais
Alan Walker's Faded has had a massive amount of views on Youtube, and this week has jumped into a very select club of 52 videos that have over 1bn views. That's 1,000,000,000 views. ONE BILLION.
After hitting our ears at the back end of 2015 the track has been a staple of clubs, radio, restaurants, iPods, everywhere, and as it's such a banger it's not difficult to see why.

Having said that, 1 billion views is a LOT. Think of it this way, the video itself is 3:32. If you were to watch the whole video back to back 1 billion times, you won't finish watching it until some time in 2024. That's over 6 and a half years. 

Crazy. Anyway here it is, best start watching now if you're going to be done in time for the 2026 world cup. 

by Steve Gervais
30 Mar 2017