Alesso Cusses Out Fan on Twitter

News : 10 Feb 2018 : Halee A.
Sometimes fans aren’t always crazy about new sounds from the DJs they love.  They expect them to stay the same, never changing their style or wanting them to make new discoveries in their music. Recently, a fan by the name of Dancing Astronaut on Twitter decided to harass Alesso over his new sound--and things didn’t go so well after that. 

Dancing Astronaut posted a video of him reminiscing about one of Alesso’s past performances at Tomorrowland.  The post caught the attention of Alesso and he jokingly asked, “Who’s that kid?!”  Then, another fan by the name of Simone Guasco replied with a hateful comment: “That kid was the best producer I knew, do you know where he is now?”  Burn.

Alesso wasn’t having any of it.  He was clearly insulted when he replied with, “Get the f*ck out of here.” Then the fan tried to backtrack saying, “Why? I still love your sets and your live edit but c’mon read all the feedback that you’re receiving on your latest music. You’re changing in wrong man, realize it and we’ll be wait for your return on the right side of our music. Peace.”

Alesso then told Guasco that he needs to change his attitude. And we agree. Keep on being you, Alesso.  Watch the video that started it all below:

Source: EDMSauce
by Halee A.
10 Feb 2018