Are we ready for what Deadmau5 is working on?

News : 04 Jan 2018 : Halee A.
Deadmau5 is working on ‘the most epic thing’ he has ever done.   He’s done plenty of epic things in the past, like creating The Cube, and then The Cube 2.0.  He’s also won six Grammys and has achieved two top 10 LPs on the Billboard 200 albums chart. And, according to Billboard, he’s ‘developed one of the most recognizable sounds in dance.’ 
So what could possibly be more epic than all of that? Are we ready for something even more amazing?

Yesterday on Twitter, the Canadian producer shared a photo of a table covered with laptops, Native Instruments’ Komplete software, and more gadgets.  He wrote: “Well... so much for free time... literally hauling ass on what's probably going to be, seriously, the most epic thing I've ever done with my music. Sooon.” 

A fan who couldn’t stand the suspense had to ask for a hint.  Deadmau5 told the fan that he’s putting together an “actual 60-piece orchestra.” Now that sounds pretty epic!  We can’t wait to see what he comes up with. 

Source: Billboard
by Halee A.
04 Jan 2018