Asia-Pacific dance market ready to explode according to Pete Tong

News : 25 May 2017 :
Legendary DJ and electronic music juggernaut Pete Tong has spoken out to Billboard about the electronic music scene, and one of the topics was the explosion of EDM across Asia.
Speaking in an interview he talked of China being possibly the epicentre for the emergence of EDM in Asia, and the influence the country is having on its neighbours.

"It's the last part of the world where it feels we don't really know that much about it. But the world seems to be opening up more to China, and China is opening up to the rest of the world. I think there’s a perception that there's gold out there in those hills. I'm not saying there isn't, but none of us know how much gold there is out there and how much they really want this scene."

He says it's not just about the music, that in Asia people are just out for a good time. If you hit the right sound they will go crazy.

"They're very open-minded, and not necessarily following what's been popular. And while the obvious things do resonate quite well, like the peak EDM stuff from a few years ago, it’s not necessarily true to say that it will just reflect. They love a show and they love a great production."

Promising words from one of the world's most notable DJs.

Source: Billboard
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