Calvin Harris and Sam Smith are ready to give us what we've all been waiting for

News : 13 Aug 2018 : Steve Gervais
Yes, it's a collab. These two giants of the music industry are getting together and releasing a new single, "Promises", this Friday. 
As arguably the biggest DJ ever to have lived, it doesn't take much for a Calvin Harris track to do well. It's ever likely then that he can team up with whomever he likes, and this time it's soulful Sam Smith, best known for his song "I'm Not The Only One" (watch below), but recently known for a Twitter storm he has created after admitting he doesn't like Michael Jackson. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I mean, I have some about massive bands that I won't share here, but Michael Jackson? Not sure about that one Sam. 

by Steve Gervais
13 Aug 2018