Chainsmokers drops 'Memories.. Do not open'

News : 06 Apr 2017 : Connor Pearce
OK so mark where you were in your calendar when Chainsmokers released 'Memories.. Do not open", because it's gonna be a big one. 
We have a mixed response to the Chainsmokers here at Asia EDM. The producers here hate the simplistic drops and boring structure, yet the DJs (in general) love the way crowd responds to their tracks. 

It's a difficult one to call. I'm kind of in the middle - one side of me hates the fact that they can release anything and it will go off, and the other side reluctantly admits that they have built a simple recipe and have placed their stamp on it good and proper. 

Either way, really enjoying this so far! See what you think.

by Connor Pearce
06 Apr 2017