Chainsmokers new album ready to drop

News : 28 Feb 2017 : Alex Cooper
Whether you're eagerly awaiting the Chainsmokers new album "Memories…Do Not Open" or not, we are sure it's going to be massive.
Apparently, according to the production duo from NYC, the new album is ready to drop. After their last single "Paris" was certified gold in Canada and the US, and hit over 270m plays on Spotify, they announced that their new studio album would be released in April along with a corresponding tour, and even after their massive success music producers and fans across the globe are still divided on their opinion of what to expect.

Music producer str8jck spoke to us and said:

"Their music is really simple, and love it or hate it, if you play it to a club people will dance and people will sing. They have a simplistic recipe for making successful tracks, and producers who loathe them for that are probably just pissed that they don't."
by Alex Cooper
28 Feb 2017