Country Music Singer Tries Roasting Marshmello on Twitter

News : 22 Feb 2018 : Halee A.
The world’s favorite masked DJ was verbally attacked on Twitter recently by country music singer Wheeler Walker, Jr.  Sure, the DJ wears a marshmallow helmet, but that helmet has helped Marshmello successfully brand himself into a mega superstar. 
Apparently, Walker, Jr. got a little jealous of Marshmello and said some ridiculous things.  For example, he said “Some f***ing joker wearing a marshmallow on his head is selling millions of albums. #RIPMusic.” However, Marshmello had the most epic reply: “Would you like me better if I wore a cowboy hat and colored my bears with just for men every day wheeler?” HAHA. But the conversation didn’t end there.  See the full banter below, because some things were said that I just can’t re-type. 

H/T: YourEDM
by Halee A.
22 Feb 2018