Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter working on new horror soundtrack

News : 15 May 2018 :
Let's talk about Daft Punk's Tron:Legacy album for a moment. I literally listen to it every Friday morning as I am trawling through the EDM hotsheets (DJ Twitter accounts) and it has been a solid go-to album for me since it was released back in ... wow ... 2010. Now, Thomas Bangalter, one of the two members of Daft Punk, is working on a new soundtrack for upcoming horror movie Climax.
If you have not heard the Tron:Legacy album, check it out below. From electronic beats to chilled ambience, through to massive orchestral pieces, it is a masterpiece, and I don't mind saying, my favourite Daft Punk album.

We're looking forward to hearing the Climax OST, and will no doubt do just that (ahem) when it is released.
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