Datsik Responds to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

News : 14 Mar 2018 : Halee A.
What a rough day for Datsik.  The Canadian producer and DJ was faced with allegations of sexual misconduct as well as sexual assault from several women on Twitter.   The women also provided screenshots that seem to be of them having conversations with the musician.  Some women say that he told them to take drugs and that he forced himself on them while they were intoxicated. 
@2LittBritt replied, “Datsik ***ked my 18 year old friend after getting her so drunk she could barely stand last year.”

@tiny_flotato said, “My friends and I were getting some weird vibes when his manager got our numbers, names, and then squirted [us] with water to see our nipples and told us to come hang with them later on the bus.”

@_alex_and_ria_ replied, “Datsik is a piece of sh*t. He fed my friend ketamine and xanax so she would feel comfortable enough to have a threesome with him on his tour bus & then he kicked her out and she was so disoriented and ***ked up she had a lot of issues getting home.”

He even wrote TULSA…which according to Datsik is “a slut” spelled backwards on passes that were given to girls who were invited on his tour bus, even when some of the shows weren’t even in Tulsa.  He also made a derogatory tweet about rape, which has since been deleted.  However, you can see screenshots below.

Datsik failed to address any of the allegations directly. It sounds like he just wanted to tell everyone how sad this has made him and talked about how great of a guy he is. Not too convincing, but let’s give him benefit of the doubt before we jump to conclusions. I’m sure we will have more on this story as it becomes available.
by Halee A.
14 Mar 2018