Datsik Stops the Music to Check on Distressed Fan

News : 20 Jan 2018 : Halee A.
Last night, Datsik performed a fantastically insane set in Orlando, Florida.  Fans were pretty impressed by the performance (as usual) but even more amazed that the superstar stopped the music to check on a fan.  
According to user Tigerjams on Reddit, Datsik stopped the show and got on the mike and asked if the distressed fan could get some help:

“Mad props to Datsik. He put on an insane show at HOB Orlando last night with one of my faves Space Jesus. In the middle of his set Datsik just stops the music and gets on the mike “hey is this guy up front alright? Can we get him some help”. Dude was alright but that’s some awareness right there. 10/10 would see again.”

Another user, Tm0ney561, said that Datsik once stopped a show in Las Vegas to make sure his fans stayed hydrated:

“He stopped his EDC Vegas set last year to take a water break and encouraged everyone to take a drink. Troy is a great dude.”

Great job Datsik, we love that you care about your fans!

Source: Reddit
by Halee A.
20 Jan 2018