David Guetta considered insuring.. his fingers

News : 08 Aug 2017 : Steve Gervais
Right, erm. Did you hear the one about the guy from Riverdance insuring his legs, and the one about Dolly Parton insuring her boobs (did she get a payout when she hit sixty?). Well our Dave's been advised to insure his FINGERS.
Now, bring me Carl Cox, James Zabeila, Richie Hawtin and I'd say yeah, maybe. But David Guetta? OK so his music production is probably the biggest part of his yearly income aside from the odd show, but if we're honest a lot of the tracks David produces could be done with a pediatric mouth stick (this), so it must be for his DJing.

Let's say he does lose all his fingers in a bicycle accident, wouldn't it be a simple thing to have a pre-recorded set that he can just dance to and pretend to turn some knobs? In any case, doing that would save incidents such as these...

by Steve Gervais
08 Aug 2017