David Guetta releases music under undisclosed pseudonyms

News : 12 Jul 2017 : Connor Pearce
According to Gaspard Auge and Xavier De Rosnay of Justice, one of France's most beloved dance outfits, claims that David Guetta releases tracks under undisclosed aliases.
Whether you love Dave or not, it's hard to argue his recipe for success. His music is not widely respected in the industry for one reason or another, nor is is DJing technique (and notable live fails) but being worth over $75m must count for something.

In a move that could be likened to that of Goldie accidentally reveavling the identity of the world famous artist Banksy in an interview last month, it looks like Justice have done pretty much the same with this revellation.

"Guetta made a strange choice releasing really really good music under fake names" they said, apparently seeming a little hesitant as if they had realised the magnitude of what they were saying on record.

Can you think of any non-Guetta tracks that could be his? Who knows..

Source: EDM Tunes
by Connor Pearce
12 Jul 2017