Deadmau5’s latest project is probably ‘the most epic thing’ he's ever done

News : 15 Jan 2018 : Halee A.
Earlier this month I wrote an article about Deadmau5’s latest project, which is probably ‘the most epic thing’ he’s ever done with his music.  He told a fan on Twitter that he was going to put together an “actual 60-piece orchestra,” and so we’ve been patiently waiting since then for a listen.  And finally, last night, he live-streamed several pieces of his vault of orchestral edits.  And we’re in love. 
He released almost 38 minutes of beautiful tracks that would calm even the most anxious soul.  Many of the tracks are amazingly powerful and inspiring.  All of them are uniquely stunning; he put his heart into this project for sure.

 We think this preview of Mau’s orchestral mixes are genius and can’t wait to see what kind of projects he lines up to go along with them.  Listen to the mixes below and be amazed.  

by Halee A.
15 Jan 2018