Dillon Francis Waves Goodbye to Snapchat after Latest App Update

News : 19 Feb 2018 : Halee A.
Guess who else hates the Snapchat update?  Dillon Francis.  It’s too bad because Dillon shared some pretty hilarious stories for all of us to see.  But have no fear, he’s still going to be present on other social media.  Earlier today he posted in his Snapchat story that he’s swapping Snapchat for Instagram:
“Not really feeling this update so I’m going to be moving my stuff to Instagram and Instagram Stories. If anything changes I’ll be back, but for now you can catch me over there and I’ll hopefully see ya. Alright, it’s been fun.  We had a good run.” 

Then we see Dillon and his last snap, which is him waving goodbye to his Snapchat followers, sharing a link to his Instagram account. 

Currently, there’s a petition to remove the new update that has over one million signatures. Hopefully Snapchat will get the idea.  Otherwise, more and more people will be switching to Instagram, just like Dillon Francis.  Check out his new Instagram post below of him saying hello!


Hello there ??

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Source: EDMSauce
by Halee A.
19 Feb 2018