Diplo labels the DJ world as 'cheesy' and 'embarrassing'

News : 07 Aug 2017 : Connor Pearce
"DJs in general, the culture’s really ugly. It’s cheesy. Corny. It’s embarrassing. You know, I never wanted to be part of the DJ world. I just fell into it.”
That's a quote taken directly from Diplo when he spoke to GQ in a candid interview about the DJ world. In fairness to him, he's correct on a lot of topics, specifically surrounding DJing at festivals. Apart from some crazy shows sprouting up across Asia, festivals can feel lifeless and forced. On the subject of Ultra, he goes on to say:

"I'm into Ultra. I grew up on it. They offered Major Lazer a headline slot on Friday night. I want to do more dance-music festivals this year, just to be involved. I skipped it the last three years—we kept away from the EDM scene, ’cause I hated it."

And when asked about festivals in general:

"They're not fun. The music felt like it was on a loop. It felt soulless. I mean, DJs in general, the culture's really ugly. It's cheesy. Corny. It's embarrassing. You know, I never wanted to be part of the DJ world. I just fell into it."

Interestingly though, he has confirmed he is plaing the Electric Daisy Carnival this year.

"I'm doing it again this year, because I'm trying to see if I can help steer the direction. Instead of complaining about it being cheesy, I'll see if I can help make it better. EDM's changing."

He's right when he says that EDM is changing, and maybe we're just cynnical here at AsiaEDM but you have to think there may be other rea$on$ for him to continue playing festivals when he clearly can't abide them.

Hopefully though, he will help steer EDM in the right direction. His work with Skrillex under Jack Ü is incredible and it's clear he is helping pave the way for a new sound in EDM.
by Connor Pearce
07 Aug 2017