Diplo says he and Calvin Harris Hijacked EDM

News : 04 Mar 2018 : Halee A.
During a radio interview this week with Annie Mac of BBC Radio 1, Diplo shared news about his new California EP, and also talked about how he and Calvin Harris “hijacked” EDM for their benefit.
Back in the day, Diplo was mastering dancehall records and Harris was pumping out funk and pop music. He was even singing on his own records.  However, when the industry shifted, the producers saw an opportunity in EDM and immediately dove in. 

“Me and Calvin [Harris] hijacked the term EDM when it was good for us,” he told Mac. “We might be in magazines [being called] the EDM guys, but we were never that. I’ve know [Calvin] for so many years and he was doing funk music, singing on records… We hijacked [the term EDM] at the moment and he refined it. He did it better than anyone else.”

Check out the interview below, where Diplo also talks about dancing on Jimmy Fallon and other music projects:

Source: YourEDM
by Halee A.
04 Mar 2018