Diplo's beef with Zedd is going off

News : 12 Jun 2018 :
It's been no secret that Diplo and Zedd have never really seen eye to eye. Even in 2016 Diplo dissed Zedd on Twitter over a track he did for M&M's calling out his 'fake flume drop' and accusing him of being in it just for the cash.

Now this have got a bit worse, with Zedd apparently blocking Diplo on Twitter, and the man himself has followed up by saying that Zed has "24 hours to delete his Twitter account" or he will go full "Pusha T on him". Pusha T is well known for his diss battles, and recently has gone on record stating that he has a diss track that would "end Drake's career". We're all interested in that, but for now, here's Diplo's tweet. Hotting up!

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