DJ Snake's 'Turn Down For What' accused of being a rip off

News : 04 May 2017 : Steve Gervais
Arguably DJ Snake's breakthrough record, 'Turn Down For What' may not be what it seems.
According to Richard Busch, a lawyer representing little known hip hop artist Freddie Gz, the track was written months after Freddie's hip hop track of the same name. Richard Busch you may well know is an expert in copyright infringement, and has championed successes for clients such as the Marin Gaye estate, who successfully sued Robin Thicke for the track ‘Blurred Lines'.

To us, although the tracks sound a lot different, it seems like more than a mere coincidence that the track is the same name. The term 'Turn Down For What' was alledgedly coined by Lil Jon on the DJ Snake track, but if it is true that Freddie Gz's version was written and released months before then it casts a serious shadow on proceedings.

Check out the two tracks below and see what you think.

This article was originally posted by The Hollywood Reporter.
by Steve Gervais
04 May 2017