EDM becoming a major part of the music industry according to the Grammy's and Odesza

News : 07 Dec 2017 : Connor Pearce
Since the Grammy's were first awarded back in the 1950s, electronic music hasn't really featured. Although hip-hop dominated last year's awards, electronic music and EDM in particular has never really featured, let alone achieved success. Now, with nominations for both Odesza and Bonobo, there may be a shift occurring in the industry. 
“It hasn’t really hit me yet. But yeah, it’s insane.” 

This was Odesza's Clayton Knight speaking of the nomination, and he would be right to be overwhelmed. Throughout the years electronic music has been up and down in the awards nominations, with a few mainstream acts like Skrillex featured, along with some more obscure artists like Al Walser.

Some Grammy winners, like Chainsmokers, were inevitable due to their popularity in mainstream culture, but it's always felt like electronic music was misunderstood. Most people in the industry, or even those who just enjoy electronic music, look at the Grammy's as an Indie back-rubbing fest which is run by people who just don't get the electronic music scene. The sheer fact that the only electronic dance music artists that have featured have been those in pop charts, and not necessarily those who are respected in the industry for their electornic music producing talents.

Bonobo's Simon Green said:

“I didn’t see it coming, it feels great to have this happen 16 years into my career. There’s never been a moment of hype. There’s no one huge song or viral thing, it’s just all been on a natural curve.

“I feel like North America is going through this post-EDM thing,” Green said. “I feel like people who were 18 five years ago now want something more, and having a real live show makes the music feel more tangible.”

It will be interesting to see how they do, and also what the future of music awards holds for EDM, but it is clear that it is becoming more acknolwedged by those making the nominations. 

Source: LA Times
by Connor Pearce
07 Dec 2017