EDM taking off massively in Cambodia

News : 25 Mar 2018 :
A while ago Pete Tong gave his thoughts on the EDM scene in Asia stating that, in China especially, EDM is ready to explode. Well, now Cambodia is getting on the EDM train, starting with the Water Sensation festival in April.
Although the club scene has long been popular in Cambodia, the focus has been traditionally on the western clubs and DJs, with Khmer DJs often being either overlooked or just not getting involved. Thailand's home grown DJ scene is far more widespread and ingrained in the club and festival scene in the country, and it looks like Cambodia is readying itself to do the same for the Khmer DJs.
Now, Dream Key Entertainments have teamed up with FINZociety and Jinro for the Water Sensation festival in Phnom Penh, hitting us on the 6-8th April, which brings us over 20 artists from countries across the world including Cambodia, Korea, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, England, Holland, Italy and Germany.
Headlining is LaCrème, voted Asia's #1 DJ in our recent poll, with a host of Cambodian DJs in support. One of the key Khmer DJs set to play is DJ Maily, a super talented female DJ and a Pioneer DJ Battle Champion, along with model and actress, and her involvement and success speaks volumes about the explosion of the scene in Cambodia.
Thailand’s Songkran festival has spurred many events to be organised, including Bangkok’s Sensation festival, a massively popular electronic festival first started back in 2012, which is coming at us on the 29th July this year.
We can’t wait to see what the Water Sensation festival has to offer!
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