Elon Musk goes in on Spotify for their poor stream payouts

News : 14 May 2018 :
As one of the major streaming platformns across the globe, you would expect that Spotify would be imparting some of their revenue to the artists that made them what they are. I mean, if it weren't for the music that producers and bands create, what would they have? Now, Elon Musk of all people has gone in on them, highlighting their poor payouts to hard working artists.
Sharing a graphic on Twitter, he said "This chart shows how crazy low payout is to labels & the artists only a small fraction of these numbers", referring to his previous tweet where he asks about best ways to support artist Grimes, saying "Would it benefit Grimes more if we were to buy her song/albums on iTunes? Rather than, sharing on Spotify or YouTube?"

It's suprising how little these artists get paid. Even for a billion YouTube plays, thats a BILLION, an artist would only receive $740,000. That sounds like a lot, but take a third off for tax and compare that to the BILLION views they had, and it's not very much at all. Couple it with illegal downloading and you can see why hard working artists are dismayed with the industry.

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