Forget Creamfields and EDC, the weird world of the Desert Hearts Festival is where it’s at

News : 05 May 2018 : Connor Pearce
When you first see the Desert Hearts Festival, your first impression might be that it is a bunch of hippies, standing around getting wasted, enjoying cheese and music. And you’d be absolutely correct.
The Desert Hearts Festival, started back in 2012, is one of the craziest looking festivals we’ve ever seen. With wine and cheese parties, literally on the dance floor, fire spinners and pschadelic colours like someone fell over in WH Smiths, the Desert Hearts festival truly has a niche of its own.

According to their website, “In November 2012, Desert Hearts began as a 200-person renegade gathering deep in the Mojave Desert, dreamt up by the DH’s founding quintet of Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, Marbs, & Kristoff McKay. The intrepid crew barely survived a set of extreme weather conditions and unfortunate circumstances, but that first party sparked a fire.”

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by Connor Pearce
05 May 2018