Good news - Rob Swire won't be singing in Pendulum's final show

News : 03 Jul 2018 :
So the subject of this article is a bit harsh, but really Rob Swire's voice has always grated on me. He always sounded like a backup singer - someone whose vocals were a temporary placeholder for a proper vocalist to come in and record professional vocals. Anyway, regardless of my opinion, Pendulum have announced he will not be singing in their final show.
I can't deny that Pendulum have had some massive success, much of which has come through songs on which Rob has put his vocals, but I can't help but feel like those in the Enmore theatre in Sydney will get a rare treat - a whole show without him singing along.

"Sydney – we have an update about tonight’s show and want to be totally open and honest with you on the final date of our tour…

Unfortunately Rob has been suffering with a respiratory illness throughout, and during the Perth show he pushed through and lost his voice. Rob has just seen an ENT doctor and has been diagnosed with an acute vocal haemorrhage, and unfortunately has been advised not to sing (or even speak) so as not to cause any long term damage.

We’ve thought long and hard about what to do tonight. We don’t want to cancel, having not cancelled a single show in 12 years. Instead, we will all be on stage performing as usual alongside the album versions of the vocal and you guys can help us out by singing with us. If anyone wants a refund instead please reach out to the promoters but we promise we’ll still give you a killer show tonight and promise we will be back again for you ASAP! Look forward to seeing you all later."

PS: Seriously bro, lose the beard.

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