Illegal rave shut down in UK sewer

News : 14 Mar 2017 : Steve Gervais
Yes you heard that right. An illegal rave that was taking place in a SEWER in the Newcastle in the UK has been shut down by local police.
With around 200 ravers crammed into the underground venue, safety concerns were the key motivation behind shutting down the party, although the call to the police came in at around 4am, indicating there may have been a local in the area that didn't like being woken up by people having a good time.

Chief Inspector Dave Pickett said:

"You can clearly see from the pictures that this is a dangerous site for members of the public, nevermind an appropriate party venue.

"These events are not licensed or supported by the responsible authorities who duty is to oversee the safety of the public.

"It is not an area that is easy to access so if anyone needed the assistance of the emergency services then they would have been in severe trouble.

I've seen a few raves in festival portaloos before but never in a sewer.
by Steve Gervais
14 Mar 2017