Is EDM drug music?

News : 20 Nov 2017 : Connor Pearce
Since Lil Peep's death the subject of drugs in EDM has once again raised its ugly head. One of the key sources of drug glorification, Lil Uzi Vert, has now vowed to stop using hard drugs completely, but the EDM scene in general is now under scrutiny.
It has long been a stigma of the EDM scene that you can't enjoy a night at a club without taking hard drugs. Due to the ever increasing popularity of EDM with millenials and students this stigma is carried with them, often being labelled as "druggies" just because they like a night out at a night club. But often this stigma comes from an old conception of the raves of the 90s, where drug abuse was commonplace.

With the increase of EDM music at festivals this stigma is being exacerbated, with many people turning to pills and powders to "fully enjoy the experience".

DJ Munition said on the subject:

“To get rid of the stigma, the biggest thing is being responsible at events. Make sure that you are setting good examples … Don’t partake in illegal substances. Be safe, be there for your friends and go around in groups."

It's hard to argue that in comparison to, say, a rock and roll gig, a high percentage of attendees at a rave would have taken some form of hard drug. The relative cheapness of the product, and ease in which it is obtained, compared to the euphoria that it gives for many is too good to resist, but with deaths and hospitalisations rife at evening events and festivals, the risks far outweigh the few hours of high that the user receives.

It is important to differentiate the EDM scene from the raves of the 90s and onwards, simply down to the fact that it is a lot more sophisticated in its delivery. A rave symbolises one thing - get wrecked and dance. EDM is so much more than that. It symbolises a whole movement in music, spurred on from the dance music of the early 90s but since then it has taken on its own identity and has become a staple of popular and underground music.

Finally, it looks like Lil Uzi Vert's withdrawals aren't going to plan:

Above all stay safe when partying and remember to enjoy the music as much as your favourite poison.

by Connor Pearce
20 Nov 2017