Kayzo Announces Break from Tour for Health Reasons

News : 03 Apr 2018 :
The touring life may seem fun bouncing from city to city and playing amazing music in front of all of those screaming fans.  
But in reality, with multiple busy airports, hotel rooms with beds that aren’t quite comfy, barely any sleep, and being away from loved ones—it’s mentally and physically exhausting.  Kayzo wasn’t afraid to admit that touring has just worn him down to the bones, in fact, he recently announced to everyone that he’s taking a break. 

He explained on Twitter how he hasn’t been home for eight months.  He hasn’t been able to fully recharge while on tour and it has affected his physical and mental wellbeing.  He reassured everyone that he would be back April 20th at Red Rocks.  So, sorry Indianapolis, Nashville, Knoxville, St. Louis, Grand Rapids, and Buffalo—your boy Kayzo just needs a little rest. 

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