Krewella Tweets About Consent after Datsik Allegations

News : 15 Mar 2018 : Halee A.
Women are coming together thanks to the #metoo movement and have been calling out the men who have sexually assaulted them, even if they are celebrities.  The #metoo movement has hit the dance scene hard the last couple of days following allegations against Canadian producer and DJ Datsik.  Krewella, a group made of two female DJs, reacted to the allegations and spoke out about consent. 
“Yo bro, your deception isn’t fooling anyone but yourself.  Own up to your actions and accept the consequences,” Krewella wrote. “Consent is NOT someone being so drunk they don't know their name. Consent is NOT giving a someone a drug they've never had in their life and hooking up while they're out of it. Consent doesn't involve force in ANY form. What the fuck is so difficult to understand here.”

She also mentioned how raves were not the safe spaces that they are supposed to be and called for men to make them safer for women.
“In a safe space, men would hold each other accountable for their actions and definitely not protect/ignore their bro's actions of unacceptable behavior towards women.”

Keep it up, Krewella. We are glad you support the safety and respect of all women.  Read the series of tweets below:

H/T: EDMSauce
by Halee A.
15 Mar 2018