Kygo’s Avicii tattoo tells a story we all feel

News : 12 May 2018 : Steve Gervais
It’s no secret that Avicii’s suicide has touched as many hearts as his music did, and now Kygo has shown us what he meant to the world by getting an Avicii logo permanently inked on his skin.
After Avicii, aka Tim Berg, took his own life in the Middle Eastern country of Oman, shockwaves were sent through not only the EDM community, but music producers, DJs and fans worldwide. It was so unexpected, and such a tragedy that heartfelt messages of sadness, sympathy and love for his music blew up and have been raging until this day, with no sign of letting up.

Kygo’s tattoo says what we all feel – Avicii will be with us forever.

by Steve Gervais
12 May 2018