Marshmello's new album Joytime II destroyed by critics

News : 23 Jun 2018 :
Marshmello has long been a favourite among the world's EDM fans, with Asia in particular latching onto his quirky image and vibrant shows. But it seems music critics have not taken much of a liking to his new album Joytime II, calling it "monotonous" and "disappointing".
It's no secret that many music websites and bloggists will be, and are, all over the album, blowing smoke up Marshmello's @$$ and saying it is the best EDM album of the decade. Rolling Stone, however, has taken a different approach.

Speaking about the popularity of EDM producers featuring established vocal performers, and also the creative license that the EDM genre provides, they say:

"Disappointingly, Marshmello ignores both these trends on his new album, Joytime II: No star guests are featured; nothing remotely unpredictable occurs. The LP unfolds in the same manner as its predecessor, 2016's Joytime, which means that every song sounds like it has already been pre-leased for use by energy-drink companies or extreme-sports squads."

So they didn't pull any punches, and I almost wish I had listened to the album before reading Rolling Stone's critique, as now I completely agree with them.

What do you think?
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