Martin Garrix Has Two Complete Songs Finished with Justin Bieber

News : 23 Jan 2018 : Halee A.
Remember when Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber went on tour together last year in Australia?  Yeah, it was pretty crazy and a teenage-dream-come-true for most ladies.  The sexiest star of EDM and the hottest star of pop spent quite a bit of time with each other in the land down under and it made fans speculate that they recorded music together while touring.  
Well, fans were right.  However, it’s likely that we won’t ever get to hear the collabs though. 

According to The Martin Garrix Hub, the two have finished two songs together.  In an interview last year, Garrix did indeed confirm the existence of the two collabs but he said:

“We have lots of ideas but if we want to release one, we want it to be 200%. On a scale of 1-10, we think it’s 7-8. We want to release something which is 10 otherwise we won’t release it.”

Bummer!  Fans have been waiting for these two to get together for a long time to create an amazing song or two.  Perhaps there will be one later this year?

Source: YourEDM
by Halee A.
23 Jan 2018