Okeechobee Won’t Put up with Bassnectar Fans at Music Festival

News : 13 Feb 2018 : Halee A.
To the disappointment of many Bassnectar fans, Okeechobee has confirmed word on the street that they would be clearing the rail between sets at their music festival this year.  Why?  Well, it turns out that dedicated bassheads like to camp out in the front row throughout the entire duration of the festival until Bassnectar plays, which happens to be on the last day of the festival.
It appears that rail camping by Bassnectar fans has been a problem for awhile now.  They don’t like to let fans of other acts get to the front row.  Plus, they tend to totally ignore the acts on the stage as they await the Bassnectar performance.  As Stephanie Tanner puts it, how rude!

We hope that other festivals follow in line with this practice.  It’s only fair to other artists and fans.

Source: EDMSauce
by Halee A.
13 Feb 2018