Ouch! Marshmello Injures Arm While Snowboarding

News : 21 Jan 2018 :
“Go snowboarding they said…it will be fun they said,” Marshmello tweeted today, along with a picture of himself wearing his left arm in a sling.  It seems he took quite a tumble after going on a snowboarding trip over the weekend.  He didn’t indicate if its broken or not, so we’re hoping it’s just a sprain. 
Many fans on Twitter were very concerned after Marshmello tweeted the pic, with many sending well wishes to the masked DJ.  Fans were also wondering if his injury will affect any of his upcoming show dates, like the one in Aspen, CO, but it’s safe to assume that everything will still happen.  The show must go on, right?  No reschedules or cancellations have been made as of yet!

We hope that Marshmello recovers soon and we hope that he stays away from snowboards, for at least awhile anyways.  

Source: EDMsauce
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