Real-time tracking at EDM venues gets royalties to EDM producers fast

News : 17 Jul 2017 : Steve Gervais
Pioneer and Canadian performing rights organization SOCAN have collaborated to create a unique device that is being offered free of charge to clubs and EDM venues to help identify and relay playlist information to SOCAN to allow the distribution of royalties more accurately to the producers and copyright owners of the tracks.
In a press statement on the subject, Kit Wheeler, vice-president of SOCAN's distribution department goes on to say:

“DJs spin more music in one show than the vast majority of other live musical performances, but it's nearly impossible for them to submit accurate set lists of music for shows that they perform. Pioneer-KUVO technology addresses this problem and enables SOCAN to capture even more musical performances in real time and more accurately. Our partnership with Pioneer and KUVO is a great step forward in getting our more than 150,000 members fairly paid for their work.”
Along with producers around the globe, Richie Hawtin, a member of SOCAN and long-time successful DJ and producer, is a big fan of the technology:
"Everyone wants to be paid fairly for their music, and I hope that clubs and festivals will be eager to use technology to help ensure that the right people get their fair share of the legal music licenses that they already pay"
by Steve Gervais
17 Jul 2017