Remix and create tracks online with Novation Launchpad Arcade

News : 18 Nov 2017 : Connor Pearce
If you're a massive music tech junky like me, the constant stream of online tools being released to create and remix music can make your tummy tingle with excitement. Now, Novation have launched the Launchpad Arcade online mixing tool, allowing you to remix tracks on the go right in your browser.
I'll chime in with a note now, if you haven't tried Propellerhead's Figure app you should, right now. It is amazing for creating tracks from scratch, albeit loops of 8 bars or so, but it is free and perfect for when you are sitting in an airport or a coffee shop with your headphones on. That aside, the new Launchpad from Novation has a similar feel, not so much in the UI but in the way you can create and manipulate sounds on the fly. It reminds me a little of the days of Dance eJay (remember that?) which had preset bars of music that you would arrange and create a track with no prior experience necessary. At all. 

There's no messing about either - you open their website and get right into it. No registration, no payments, you're just straight into the action. Whether you're an experienced producer or someone who just listens to music, you just click a few buttons and you're already making music within about 10 seconds.

Have a play about with it and you never know, it could be the gateway to your new career. 

Check it out here.

by Connor Pearce
18 Nov 2017