San Holo Makes Special Announcement

News : 26 Dec 2017 : Halee A.
San Holo seems to be in the Christmas spirit.  He’s been hinting at giving a Christmas gift of some kind to his fans and now he’s made it clear: a brand new full EP! According to his Snapchat history, the new EP will be called The Trip EP.
A fan posted on the Facebook fan group “San Holo’s Bird Nest” speculating that “The Trip Episode 1” might be released on this EP.

“He might actually release the track from “The Trip Episode 1” there’s more chance of it not dropping at all but hopefully there’s a chance he will for this EP!! What do you guys think??”

San Holo answered the question himself.

“This is true.”

Facebook fans went crazy, of course.  After all, they’ve been waiting three years for the track to drop.  Listen below.


by Halee A.
26 Dec 2017