Skrillex set to feature on Rihanna's new reggae album

News : 19 Jul 2018 :
For those who are into dubstep, and I mean real dubstep, not the noise you hear from unknown Soundcloud artists, you'll know that its roots are laid deep in reggae. The original dubstep sound spawned a thousand sub genres, but that offbeat reggae rhythm was what first inspired the original dubstep artists to push the genre and make it what it has become today. Now, Skrillex is set to feature on Rihanna's upcoming reggae album, 'Dancehall'.
According to Rolling Stone, Skrilliex is just one among a plethora of collaborators set to feature on the album:

"According to one producer with knowledge of the album’s process, the mainstream Top 40 machine has been represented at some Rihanna sessions by superstar electronic producer Skrillex and Boi-1da (Drake, Beyoncé and Jay-Z)."

Pretty much everything that Rihanna and Skrillex touch turns to gold, so you can bet your house on this album being amazing.
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