Soulja Boy - the video game? Ummmm...

News : 01 Aug 2018 :
Back in 2011 rapper Soulja Boy broke the news that he is developing a Soulja boy video game. Yeah you read that right. 
Although a steady 7 years ago, and after most people had forgotten about the whole randomness of it all, Diplo has recently tweeted to Elon Musk to see if he will fund the project and get the game released. 

In 2011 Soulja Boy posted a graphic on his tumblr page which suggested that the game will be being released in 2012, the following year, but since then it's all been a bit quiet. Throughout the years fans have commented on his Twitter post asking when the game is coming out, but their requests have been met with a wall of silence. 

The problem is, games move pretty fast. A game that started development in 2011 would already seem outdated, so my thoughts are that it will never see the light of day. Also we'll ignore the fact that he said he'd been playing on an XBox 720, whatever that is. Who knows...

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