SPOILER ALERT: Marshmello's true identity revealed

News : 21 Nov 2017 :
Whether they are legally obliged to, or just don't care, Forbes have revealed the secret of Marshmello's identity in their 2017 30 under 30 rich list. Marshmello's true identity (although a lot of rumours have circulated for a year or two) has remained on the down low, but now it seems the most popular theory has been confirmed.
It turns out the man underneath the helmet is none other than Chris Comstock (aka Dotcom), a well known and successful DJ at the tender age of just 25. His main success has been with Marshmello, an on-stage persona that was deliberately shrouded in secret in a (not-so) unique marketing ploy. On March 3, 2015, Marshmello posted his first song "WaVeZ" as an original mix on his SoundCloud page, and gained notoriety almost instantly. His main success began with a couple of remixes for Jack Ü and Zedd, and in 2016 his exposure gained traction by releasing a selection of his previously unreleased tracks under the album Joytime. 

It has long been speculated that Dotcom was Marshmello, partly down to a couple of slip-ups in the past like his personal profile being tagged as Marshmello by a friend on Instagram, but it has never been openly confirmed until Forbes released the 30 under 30 list. Back in June 2016 Tiësto helped take part in a publicity stunt where he appeared onstage dressed as Marshmello, then took off his helmet to reveal himself as the man behind the mask. 

Forbes' account read:

"The independent, anonymous DJ-producer may perform behind a white marshmallow mask, but he has still notched some 2 billion streams. Born Chris Comstock, Marshmello is one of the world's highest-paid DJs thanks to more than 170 live shows in 12 months and a bigger take-home on music and merch than other DJs." 

Shocked? Indifferent? It does take the mystery away from his image but surely it's not about how a musician looks, it's about what sound they make. We'll see in due course.
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