Steve Aoki smashes a BTS remix at Tomorrowland

News : 21 Jul 2018 :
It's rare that us at AsiaEDM will give BTS a mention - not because we judge their music or KPop in general - but because they don't fall into the EDM genre at all. Until now. Steve Aoki has dropped a remix of BTS's "The Truth Untold", causing their fanbase to completely lose it.
It would be cynnical to think that it was just Steve tapping into the absolutely humongous fanbase of BTS, but really, even if it wasn't that brazen you have to think that it was a genius move. Twitter exploded with fans praising him and the remix, and Steve has undoubtedly received thousands upon thousands of new fans as a result. 

See for yourself!

Even BTS Europe had something to say:
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