Steve Aoki takes a team of bakers on tour

News : 26 Nov 2017 : Connor Pearce
If you know anything about Steve Aoki you will know that he likes nothing more than smashing cakes and other baked items into the faces of unsuspecting fans. Well, to help him fuel this pastime he has taken with him on tour a team of bakers to keep him stocked up with ammunition.
And according to Steve there is a special formula that his team applies to their baking, which gets the 'explosive' element of the cakes just right. With up to 10 cakes used every show, he said:

"We have a special team of cake makers that travel the world with us getting the consistency just right - the desired effect is explosive rather than edible."

Steve also likes to spray his fans with champagne, admitting that fans don't mind it that much:

"Oddly enough people differentiate between being wet from a magnum of champagne to the face, to wet from a Super Soaker filled with tepid tap water. We used to bring out all these water pistols and just hose the audience down but for whatever reason people didn't dig it."

Although many people gave Steve abuse about pelting people with cakes, he ignored them and made it an integrated part of the show. He did consider putting a stop to it, but realised he can do what he wants at his shows as long as fans were into it:

"I still can't help but ask myself... should I stop caking people? Will that stop the haters from hating? Stop giving the trolls more content to target me with? I even ask myself, are the cakes and the rafts taking away from the art of my culture, DJing? I'm sure many people feel that I am because things I do are not part of the norm."

What do you think - getting pelted with cake at a show your thing?

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by Connor Pearce
26 Nov 2017