Surprising statistics surrounding this years' Ultra Music Festival

News : 28 Mar 2017 : Steve Gervais
In today's media it generally comes as no surprise when we see violence and widespread conflict, but this years' Ultra Music Festival is breaking the trend with a downturn in deaths and arrests.
It seems a strange andf macabre thing to be talking about, the number of deaths being reduced at a music festival, but the reality is that they are frequent and difficult to prevent. The drug scene is big at festivals, and add the variable of EDM into the mix and that scene increases dramtically, and with it the number of fatalities.

Miami police Lt. Freddie Cruz stated on the reason behind the decrease:

"Education, co-operation and everybody is maturing"

Comforting words indeed, but there have also been other measures put in place, such as a clamp down on under 18s, more rigorous gate checks allowing only water and those dreadful fanny packs to be brought in, and also price hikes on the surrounding hotels to filter out the under 18s who supposedly have less disposable income.

Whatever the catalyst for the decrease in deaths and arrests, it obviously worked and is very welcome. 

by Steve Gervais
28 Mar 2017