Twitter users slam Selina Gomez for her AMA performance

News : 20 Nov 2017 : Steve Gervais
There's no denying that Twitter users can be savage. Celebrities, and in particular musicians, are often the source of their harshness and this time Selina Gomez was the target for her performance at this year's AMAs.
This all stems to many people believing her emotional performance on the AMAs was actually all lip-synched. That's right, she was miming. With one Tweet stating that Selina is 'the biggest fraud in the music industry' (they clearly don't know about Mili Vanilli) she has been well and truly rinsed on social media.

One tweet read: 

"I love Selena Gomez but she made it obvious that she lip sync through the whole performance hence why she had her head down & covering her face for 99% of the performance"

And this one, which is really my favourite:

"The girl can't sing live so I don't know why she just can't admit it instead of lip syncing"

Yes that would have been quite a performance. "Hi ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid I can't sing. Bye!"

See what you think.


by Steve Gervais
20 Nov 2017