Two more festival drug deaths as a result of partying at Tomorrowland

News : 06 Aug 2018 :
Via a trusted VRT news source, it has been reported that two women have died in separate incidents following Tomorrowland in Antwerp, which closed its doors nearly two weeks ago, as a result of drug taking at the festival.
It is reported that the first death occurred a week after the opening weekend, where the victim was taken ill and rushed to hospital in Antwerp where she ultimately succumbed to her illness. In similar circumstances the second woman was taken to hospital during the second weekend of the festival where she also died.

Although Antwerp University Hospital were unable to comment due to confidentiality laws, and despite local police and the Antwerp Judicial Authorities stating that they have received no reports of deaths that were not through natural causes, two independent sources have confirmed that the deaths were due to the drug Ecstasy.

Tomorrowland’s Spokesperson Debby Wilmsen spoke to VRT News, stating “Up until now we have not been informed by the families or the authorities of the deaths of people said to have attended our festival. If this is the case then our thoughts are with their relatives and we hope that they can be left to deal with their loss serenely”. 

Always stay safe at festivals, and if you’re unsure about drugs, just don’t.
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