WATCH: Artist claims Zedd's Stay was a rip-off of his track (track comparison)

News : 13 Jun 2018 :
The massive hit 'Stay' released last year by Zedd is undoubtedly a unique track. Or is it? Since Zedd was "showing off his 16 million dollar house", artist ABSRDST has posted a video comparing Stay with his own track, released in 2014.
It's hard to say they aren't the same, or at least very similar. Whether it is grounds for copyright infringement is another story. Apart from the rhythm of the chords, the two tracks are pretty different, but hearing them side by side it is compelling. 

What ABSRDST doesn't realise is that outside of the snippet he compared, there is likely another 500 hours gone into producing the track, so really he hasn't got much of a case.

Either way, check it out yourself.

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