WATCH: Deadmau5 Reveals he Almost Died in a Plane Crash

News : 30 Mar 2018 :
Recently in an interview with H3 Podcast, deadmau5 revealed some strange personal tales.  In a segment titled “Ghosts n Stuff,” the producer talked about a near death experience, a story about a real dead mouse, and when he and Dillon Francis went gambling.
One strange story Mau told was when he and his manager, who is also named Joel Zimmerman, were walking and discussing marketing.  They were talking specifically about the potential of using the name “deadmau5” when a cat walked right in front of them and laid a dead mouse in their path.  Did anyone else get chills?
Then, the producer went on to tell about his frightening plane experience.  We don’t go into it in writing, because Mau tells it better himself.  But we’ll just say he’s one lucky guy!

At the end of the segment he described how he went gambling with Dillon Francis.  They had a hilariously fun time and he couldn’t help but make a few jokes about Dillon here and there. 

Watch the entire “Ghosts N Stuff” interview below to get the full stories:

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