WATCH: Figure Skater Skates to DJ Snake Tracks

News : 06 Jan 2018 : Halee A.
Figure skating is a fantastic, extremely athletic sport that allows for a bit of personal creativity. Many skaters choose to express their creativity and style through the music that they choose for their routines. It’s rare that an EDM track gets chosen for a routine, but it happened yesterday--and people lost their minds.
At the 2018 US Nationals this week, skater Jimmy Ma stunned the commentators with his choice of music.  Ma bravely chose to skate to a hip hop-electronic dance mix of “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, as well as DJ Snake’s “Propoganda.” Commentators called “Propoganda” rap music, and then later house music.  They had never heard the track before and seemed surprised that Ma would choose it for a routine.

Even the mainstream media had a field day with this one. USA Today said, “If you’re unfamiliar with those [tracks], you are (a) over 25 and (b) should do a YouTube search as it will provide a better description than anything I can offer through words.”

The Twitter world also went wild with Ma’s performance.  He was getting so much attention on Twitter that Ma said he watched Netflix with his dad in their hotel room that night to avoid getting overwhelmed by it all.  USA today said if Twitter mentions will form part of the scoring criteria for figure skating, Jimmy Ma would be in business. 

Ma won’t be going to the Olympics as he is several points behind, but he’s not too upset by it.  He is a teamplayer who hopes for great things for his team mates. He told USA Today that he hopes his performance creates more interest in the program.

“If there was anybody flicking through who might not normally watch I hope that seeing and hearing me might have pulled them in,” he added. “If the excitement of my routine gets them watching, then they can see the incredible things the top guys are doing.” 

Source: USA Today

by Halee A.
06 Jan 2018