WATCH: Instagram Influencer Faked Coachella For All The Right Reasons

News : 29 Apr 2019 :
Gabbie Hanna, an L.A based Instagram influencer posted a number of Coachella photos on her instagram feed, including posing in front of the famous Coachella ferris wheel along with a number of different photos depicting different outfits and wigs.
All these photos were fake. Gabbie created a Youtube video on why she decided to fake the whole thing, explaining that people spend thousands of dollars on new outfits for Coachella, pointing out that people go there for the best instagram photos and not for the music. As an introvert she could think of nothing worse than spending three days in the desert, surrounded by people just trying to get the most instagrammable photos.

Gabbie’s photos were so believable that she had friends messaging her asking her where she was so they could meet up at Coachella. Gabbie wanted to show to her followers how easy it is to lie on social media. If you are an influencer and are just at Coachella for the ‘gram then you are probably not there to enjoy the music. She mentions she knows people who buy two sets of outfits so that they can double up on outfits each day, and then have more content to post for weekend two of Coachella when actually they are at home. So, Coachella has become less about the artists and their music and more about the best photos for Instagram.

Basically, don’t believe everything you see on social media.

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