WATCH: Krewella's Deleted Music Video That Disses Deadmau5

News : 12 Mar 2018 : Halee A.
Female empowerment is on the rise and has influenced many artists to write songs that encourage women to demand more respect.  Krewella, in particular, released a song called “Bitch of the Year” and it basically informs men that women don’t need them.  And recently, they created a music video to go along with the song, which was deleted yesterday.
The video featured images of men that have been accused of misogyny and sexual harassment.  Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, and even Deadmau5.  So today, the video was re-uploaded with one change: Deadmau5’s iconic head is no longer included due to a possible threat of a lawsuit.  The new video says in the beginning: “Someone threated to sue us for using their image in the video.  Here is a new version without them.”

Check out the new version of Krewella’s ultra-feminine video below.

Source: EDMSauce
by Halee A.
12 Mar 2018